The court found the brother of Paris Hilton is guilty of theft

Суд признал брата Пэрис Хилтон виновным в краже
24-year-old Conrad was outraged by the announced sentence.

Paris Hilton brother Conrad


This week is the second member of the family
Hilton has attracted the attention of the press. For the first time about the family clan
the owners of the hotel wrote in connection with marriage 28-year-old Baron Hilton’s 24-year-old
Tessa von Walderdorff, and now — SKO scandal around his younger brother Paris, Nicky and Baron — 24-year-old

Conrad was in a bad story — he was charged
stolen expensive car. Despite the fact that he asserted his innocence yesterday over it
a trial was held and the verdict was brought in. Conrad was found guilty and
was sentenced to three years: fortunately for him, relatively. In addition, Hilton
obliged to regularly go to a psychologist and get treatment for addiction to alcohol. Many felt the sentence soft enough, but Conrad did not hide his indignation.

The story began with the fact that younger
Hilton without demand took “to drive” car
Bently Continental, owned by the father of his ex girl — Rick Salomon. Perhaps no scandal
around this incident would not have occurred, but Conrad and miss hunter Salomon
parted far from peaceful. She filed a restraining order that prevented
to Conrad it was close, and he, in addition stole a car, still
and broke in the hunter, where he was detained by the police.

Now it becomes clear why Conrad is not
appeared at the wedding of his brother Baron, which brought together the entire family clan:
the younger Hilton was busy at the time trying to prove his innocence in the theft.