Суд признал клеветой иск Марии Комиссаровой против доктора Блюма During a training session at the Olympics in Sochi Maria Komissarova broke her spine. The athlete tried to be treated in Spain, but later accused the doctor of fraud.
Суд признал клеветой иск Марии Комиссаровой против доктора Блюма

A few years ago Maria Komissarova was a successful athlete. It was part of the Olympic national team of Russia on freestyle. Maria made plans sought to achieve greater heights in their sport, but fate decreed otherwise. 15 Feb 2014 Komissarova remember all my life: during a seemingly harmless training the girl received a serious back injury — since then, Mary is confined to a wheelchair.

For the opportunity again to learn to walk Maria referred to the clinic of Dr. Blum, who performed well among even the most hopeless patients. However, the treatment the doctor has not brought results, with the result that Mary decided to sue the medical institution, but the claim was rejected.

“The doctor lied to me at 37 million”: a broken spine Maria Komissarova sued

“Maria Komissarova has tried to sue Dr. Blum, but the court refused to accept the case for consideration, recognizing set forth in the petition the facts, “slander, maligning the name and attempted extortion”. Is happening the next attempt of blackmail and extortion, built on the emotions of compassionate people, which presented a very modified and well planned under this task information” — described the situation in a press-service of the clinic.
Суд признал клеветой иск Марии Комиссаровой против доктора Блюма

About the treatment of Dr. Blum and the claims to it Maria wrote in the microblog.

“He promised to put me on my feet for a year of training. Was collected a lot of money, namely 28 million rubles. A year passed and nothing happened. Then we collected the money for another six months of treatment, and then reduced the number of trainings as could not wait any longer six hours per day. For two years the results have not been. Of course, my body became more fit, but I was not expecting this for 1500 euros per day,” said Maria.

However, the press service of the medical facility assures that the necessary amount was raised through their efforts. And even after Komissarova ceased to attend courses of rehabilitation, the score is constantly decreasing, and soon the couple were able to purchase property in Marbella.

Despite the injury, Maria just over a year ago she became a mother — her son was born. According to the representative of Dr. Blum, the doctor gave the go-ahead Komissarova at birth and forced to believe that she will conceive and bear a child.