The court changed the decision on the disqualification of Maria Sharapova

Суд изменил решение по поводу дисквалификации Марии Шараповой

By the decision of the court of arbitration for sport (CAS), the player will be able to return to court in April.

Today on the page of Maria Sharapova in Facebook there was a record about what the girl is experiencing one of the happiest days of his career. This is due to the fact that the court of arbitration for sport (CAS) has changed its decision on its disqualification for the use of Meldonium, who in January 2016 were added to the list of banned drugs world anti-doping Agency (WADA).

Instead of two years, Sharapova was awarded 15 months of disqualification, and it will be able to engage in tennis in April 2017. “In March, when I was disqualified, it was one of the worst days in my career; now one of the happiest moments I learned that I will be able to return to tennis in April. I felt like I took away something that I love, and now it’s nice to know that it will come back to me. Tennis is my passion, and I missed him. Counting the days until when I can get back on the court,” said Maria Sharapova.

March 7, former first racket of the world has announced that it failed a doping test Meldonium, and was suspended from competition for two years.