The correspondence that led to the cancellation of the wedding Gusev and romanet. PHOTO

Переписка, ставшая причиной отмены свадьбы Гусева и Романец. ФОТО At the disposal of “StarHit” was a controversial talk stars “House-2” with a friend. Because this information is Anton Gusev has decided to cancel the planned celebration. In the course of communication with your supervisor, frustrated bride-to-be recognized in the lack of feelings to your beloved.
Переписка, ставшая причиной отмены свадьбы Гусева и Романец. ФОТО

The sudden separation of the stars “House-2” has shocked fans and friends of the couple. In your comments “StarHit” Anton Gusev said that he had read the correspondence romanet, during which she confirmed the commercialism of their intentions. According to the man, his beloved in mind only the scandals and PR.

At the disposal of “StarHit” were screenshots of correspondence confirming the version of Anton Gusev of the reasons of the occurred gap. Victoria regularly removed incriminating fragments of conversation, but the information that came to the bridegroom, were enough to break relations.

“I don’t Guseva, never will. You love where to see, you know what I’m doing,” openly declares romanet in communication with each other.
Переписка, ставшая причиной отмены свадьбы Гусева и Романец. ФОТО

Recall, Victoria and Anton were planning to get married July 7, 2017. They started Dating despite the fact that Gusev was married to Evgenia Feofilaktova. After the divorce of Anton lovers no longer hide their romance.

After a major argument that took place in March 2017, Anton did Victoria offer. Inspired by the bride told fans about an expensive dress that had cost her 700 thousand rubles, posting pictures of the invitations. Romanet considered that their wedding will be the main event of the summer, but two weeks before the gala event, the couple broke up.

Anton Gusev about the cancellation of the wedding with Victoria romanet: “her mind is still “House-2”

Переписка, ставшая причиной отмены свадьбы Гусева и Романец. ФОТО

In his correspondence with a friend Victoria claims that she paid all the preparations for the celebration, as Anton refused to take on financial obligations. The girl discusses the topic of future wedding gifts. “I hope that at least 450 thousand will be, but they’re all mine,” says Romanets in private correspondence.

Financial difficulties in preparation for the wedding has reached such a limit that Victoria even thought to sell an expensive engagement ring presented by the groom.

“I’ll give him a ring and let him go to the pawn shop. Anyway he told me its not from the heart gave, I can feel it,” wrote the former participant “Houses-2” to your friend in private correspondence.

Thanks to a special program Gusev was able to hack WhatsApp of his bride, and learning about her true feelings, hastened to break off the engagement. Some fans of the star couple are sure that the lovers will have another chance to make peace, and the wedding will take place. However, Anton and Victoria do not intend to go to the world: stars “House-2” removed each other from social networks and do not support communication.