The controversial star of “House-2” Grigorenko and ashmarina decided to get married

Скандальные звезды «Дома-2» Григоренко и Ашмарина решили пожениться The offer hands and hearts the beloved woman replied, “Yes.” After a series of quarrels and partings fans of the former members of telestroke not even hoping for such an outcome. The bride has already boasted an expensive ring.

      For several years, continuing a bright romance between the ex-participants “Houses-2” Ilya Grigorenko and Alena Ashmarina. During their stay in the framework of the TV-show couple called unstable because of the rapid explanation of the relationship, constant care from each other and fisticuffs. Scandals in the pair stayed on after care “perimeter”. This is understandable: a businesswoman is 8 years older than chosen.

      Claim Alena often was the inability of Elijah to do a serious and decisive steps. Fortunately for fans, the young man still dared to tie the knot. And, as it turned out, not for the first time.

      “It was the third proposal that Ilya did to me – says “StarHit” Alena. – I refused – not seen him as a man, did not believe in the seriousness of, were not ready. But we passed a lot together and therefore the eighth of March, he tried again. I understood that my “no” point, so now all ready.”

      Interestingly, the first time Grigorenko gave the engagement ring immediately after leaving the project. Then his fiancee took it as a joke. “To be honest, I couldn’t believe it somehow. It was very cute! But somehow childish or something. The second proposal was that when we returned “Home”, but rather because of the pressure of the team. But yesterday it was very joyful and sincere. I believed him!”

      In addition to the gorgeous bouquet of red and white roses and ring in white gold with diamonds, romantic gave his beloved a card, where he wrote a cherished question. “Recently we had a complicated relationship. He just couldn’t say – was very upset and depressed, so all have written. But it was more honest than in previous times to me. Although he himself admitted today that thought it would be otherwise.”

      The post under the joint where gathered the most close – future husband, daughter and younger brother is a business lady wrote: “I agree, my love! Yes!” Members were delighted with the happy news and began to congratulate the couple.

      “Hurrah! Finally! Ilya good! Alenochka, I congratulate you! Happiness to you and your family!” “Congratulations! You rock! He kept the love to the end no matter what! Alena is a very wise and strong!”, “Congratulations! Umnichki! Happiness to you!” – wrote followers.