The controversial divorce of ex-“Peppercorn” ended with the victory of her husband

Скандальный развод экс-«Перчинки» завершился победой ее супруга
The singer was ordered to pay her ex-husband a tremendous amount.

Скандальный развод экс-«Перчинки» завершился победой ее супруга

Melanie brown (Mel b) and Stephen Belafonte


Melanie brown (Mel b), who in
his time in the group “Spice Girls”,
finally, complete your divorce process. However, the price of
agreement made by it with the former
husband Stephen Belafonte, were very serious. The singer was ordered to pay
the ex-wife $ 6 million! Three of them, she must transfer to
about Steven immediately. And the rest
after selling their family home. The singer had to go to such extremes to
to complete the torturous months of negotiations.

The whole story began in may of 2017, when Mel b filed for divorce,
accusing Belafonte, the father of her third child (a six year old daughter Madison)
whom she lived in wedlock 10 years of infidelity and battery. But as soon as
she made their accusations, Stephen,
threatened her sell a home
the video, which captured the “bedroom games” Melanie. He wasn’t acting alone and in collusion with
his mistress Lorraine Dills — old babysitter daughter “peppercorns” and Belafonte. As you can see, the damage that could
apply reputation Melanie the release of these videos could be so
great that she joined with Stephen in negotiations that dragged on a lot

In the end, brown had to agree to the payment of 6 million in exchange for
promise Belafonte never publish and sell the ill-fated video. To
also, Steven, thanks to its simple blackmail, was able to negotiate yourself
additional relaxations in the mode of custody of their daughter. Although custody of Madison
got Melanie, he managed to increase the number and duration of his

Melanie Brown (Mel B)