The controversial “catcher pokémon” verdict

Скандальному «ловцу покемонов» вынесли приговор Today in Yekaterinburg held a meeting on the case of Ruslan Sokolovsky. A young man was convicted of committing intentional crimes. The judge said Sokolowski, who recorded video of resonance in the Temple-on-Blood, insulted the feelings of believers.
Скандальному «ловцу покемонов» вынесли приговор

Today in Verkh-Isetsky district court of Ekaterinburg announced the verdict 22-year-old blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky, who caught the pokemon in the Temple-on-Blood. The Internet star was found guilty of insulting the feelings of believers. Sokolovsky was appointed 3.5 years probation.

Judge Catherine Sophak said that the young man “committed a number of intentional crimes” under articles 148 and 282 of the criminal code – “inciting hatred or enmity” and “violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion”.

In addition, Sokolovsky accused of illegal acquisition of a pen with a video camera. It relates to special technical means for the acquisition of which a license is required FSB.

Earlier, the prosecution asked the court to sentence Ruslan Sokolovsky to 3.5 years of imprisonment. When the Prosecutor said that the blogger could face another trial – some materials in the case of Sokolowski allocated in separate manufacture.

The last word the young man said he did not consider himself an extremist. In addition, Sokolovsky told that she was “shocked” by the accusations against him.

“My crime is absolutely non-violent, and the offense is formed by forming just the same expertise — and as you may have noticed, some experts say that I’m innocent and that my video is not extremism, others say I’m guilty. In this light, it is not entirely clear who to believe, because both have a very high qualification”, — said Sokolowski.
Скандальному «ловцу покемонов» вынесли приговор

In his speech, the blogger noted that he is “an atheist, a cosmopolitan and libertarian”. Sokolowski also asked the court to consider that he has an official place of work. According to the young man, he works in I. T. consultant and is quite valuable, and so will be able to pay the fines. In addition, Sokolowski added that receives education and is currently on a sabbatical.

“What will happen to me after three and a half years if I leave? It is quite possible that I would lose all,” – said the blogger.

The last word Ruslan Sokolovsky also mentioned his only relative – his mother Elena Chisinau, which will have to provide for her son, if he goes to jail. Note that the blogger’s father died when he was 13 years old, and raised him a parent with a disability and the veteran of work.

Journalists contacted the ROC with a request to comment on the situation, however, the source of RIA Novosti in the Moscow Patriarchate said that it was premature to speak about the completion of the high-profile case, as the verdict has not yet entered into force.

We will remind that in August of last year Ruslan Sokolovsky has posted on its YouTube channel a video in which he catches the pokémon in the Ekaterinburg Temple-on-Blood. Then the young man said that protest against the law prohibiting to do it. The recording, posted online, caused a strong public resonance. Ruslan Sokolovsky was as advocates and opponents criticized his behavior. His opinion about the controversial movie was expressed by many well-known bloggers, including project Nemagia, Nikolay Sobolev, Yury Khovansky, Ruslan Tulentsev and Dmitry Larin. By the way, the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman acted as a defense witness at the trial and stated that Ruslan Sokolovsky inherent “youthful nihilism.” According to the head of the city, he did not know what I was doing.