The controversial blogger has accused Yevgeny Medvedev of betrayal

Скандальный блогер обвинила Евгению Медведеву в предательстве According to Lena Miro, a skater went wrong against the coach. Recently Medvedev left Tutberidze to the canadian specialist. This event attracted criticism from athletes from colleagues and other people who followed her progress.
Скандальный блогер обвинила Евгению Медведеву в предательстве

A few days ago it became known that the Olympic medalist in Korea Yevgeny Medvedev has stopped working with coach Eteri Tutberidze. This news surprised not only many skaters, but also sports fans. The sportswoman has explained the decision as follows.

“Turning to the topic of the events of the last days, I want to clarify the situation. I will continue to play for the Russian Federation, staying in the school “Sambo-70″, training with canadian coach Brian Orser. I do it in order to use the new features and other techniques of the training process and continue to represent Russia at the highest level,” – said Medvedev.

Lena Miro, a popular LiveJournal blogger, commented on the behavior of Eugenia. She believes that the athlete gave the coach, who from an early age taught her how to fight for the victory.

“More than 10 years ago little preschooler Eugene Medvedev came to the rink. The girl was a nobody, and to call it was no raw material. Career skater depended solely on techniques and talent coach. Would get Genia to Ivanov-Petrov-Sidorov, not having met in its path Tutberidze, one of you about Genia would never have heard,” said Miro.

Besides, Lena is of the opinion that all pupils Tutberidze set records in figure skating and win the top award. Miro condemned the fact that Eugene began to completely ignore SMS and calls from Tutberidze. “Excuse me, but that is betrayal. Judas, remember? Christ, his master, gave him the opportunity to be next to him. And in return received betrayal. Genia, screwed up at the Olympics, I decided his tiny brain that its failure to blame the coach. Coach who gave her all and actually replacing parents”, – the blogger added.

Other colleagues of Evgenia, a popular figure skaters, condemned her act. Roman Kostomarov believes that she will not be able to improve some elements of their performances. “Eugene Medvedev in 18 years is unlikely to learn the Quad. These elements can be mastered only at a young age. Eugene itself was an innovator in terms of complex cascades with hands upstairs, she led him many children. But now so rapidly developing figure skating — and it happens in the band Tutberidze, that each girl makes the items harder and harder,” commented history Kostomarov