The controversial blogger has accused Kristina Asmus treason Garik Kharlamov

Скандальный блогер уличила Кристину Асмус в измене Гарику Харламову Lena Miro spoke of the new image of the actress became a brunette for a provocative photo shoot. According to the flamboyant star of the Internet, Kristina Asmus marriage problems with Garik Kharlamov. Miro is sure that the artist decided to experiment because the new men.
Скандальный блогер уличила Кристину Асмус в измене Гарику Харламову

Recently Kristina Asmus surprised fans with photos where she poses in a new way. The actress tried on the wig, being a brunette with a short haircut. Fans of stars ambiguously reacted to her change of image. While some have compared the Christine character of the works of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander, the other asked what is the desire of the wife of Garik Kharlamov to experiment with your looks.

Your answer was and controversial blogger Lena Miro. In her opinion, Asmus thinking about change in your personal life. Miro is sure: the actress is experiencing marital problems with Garik Kharlamov.

“What happened to the blonde? Why, of a whitish moth, it tried to remake itself in fatal brunette turned into a seedy crow? Garik, you’re fat, but you must know that. If a woman changes her hairstyle, she wants a change in his personal life,” wrote Lena learn.

The blogger suggested that since Christine radically changed her image, she definitely appeared the man on the side.

“Yes, honey, this is our terrible secret, which you foolishly give to all others. Your stupid men write off the image change on the PMS, but as they say, the husband always finds out about the betrayal of the last”, – said Miro.

Moreover, says Lena, the public is unaware of the reasons Asmus to become a brunette. Only Garik Kharlamov, says the blogger, left in the dark. Miro also decided to reach out to men, to warn about the possible infidelities of their second halves

“All of a sudden she decided to become a mysterious and irresistible for you? Bunny, of course you will deny all of it. And rightly so, because to deny cheating, even if you’re caught in bed with a lover. But here the Internet, it is possible to tell the truth. Personally, you’re not going to burn, and the family quietness of the rest of you do not care,” – said the blogger.

Recall that Lena Miro became known for its sharp and accusatory statements in his blog. She often criticizes celebrities, provoking lively discussions. At the time miró was called Gluk оZу exiled wife and criticized Alain Apina that allows itself to daring outfits. In addition, Lena has repeatedly allowed himself barbs against Ksenia Borodina, Daria Pynzar and Ksenia Sobchak.

Rustam Solntsev not left without attention of the controversial posts and Miro answered in my column “Mamadorogaya”. “I already knew that “House-2″ is a bottom – turned to Lena showman. – But you’re better than the show? You also Rugova and quarrelsome, dress up even worse than they are…” Rustam Solntsev about the controversial blogger Lena Miro: “it is simply not enough sex”