Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

Repair is a full-fledged project, and its success depends on who and how controls them. Now people increasingly began to hire interior designers, but many still are skeptical about it. If you need a designer, and how it will help in the repair, deal with the head design Studio Maria Bohr.

Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

First, before you choose the right designer, you should understand which tasks you want to do.

Consider how should the whole plan of repair. Arrange the boundaries of your budget for which you want to go. It is best for good planning of the repair to hire professionals who will not only be convenient the work plan, but will help you not to go beyond budget and warn against impulsive decisions related to repair.

The time and budget

Many are afraid of this stage of repair, as construction work. This fear stems from the fact that not everyone understands how to manage them. For successful repair you will need to have clear deadlines, specified budget, you should not just go on about their desires, but also to compare them with the possibilities.

From the above it follows that a successful repair is not possible without proper implementation of the plan and all calculations — this deals with the Manager. A Manager can be, like, directly, the owner of the house and hired a designer.
Still, there is a perception that hiring a qualified professional is a fun, affordable only for rich people, but this is not so.

Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

What is the job of the designer

Do not think that the designer finds beautiful images of interiors and some times goes with you to the store building materials. If you exaggerate, the tasks of the designer included creation of the project, which has a unique concept and design all need to work documentation. For a designer it is important to create a solid interior within the scope of the customer amount.

Prepared by professional design project will give you an understanding about the future appearance of your home, after they have undergone all repairs. Also, the designer provides the client with all the information to schedule work.

Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

Is it possible to save money with designer

The concept of “savings” can be understood in different ways. You have to keep in mind that a professional designer in any case will not let you use cheap and poor quality materials for repair fool the professional will not work. Competent expert, attentive to his work, tries to find the optimal combination of quality and price to meet the specified budget.

You can learn about the beneficial properties of various materials just for the practice, and the designer, in turn, will tell you about what a particular material is good and which owes its value. Be sure when employing a specialist, you will get an incomparable experience and knowledge. The designer will help you avoid irreparable mistakes.

Do not forget that everything depends on the goal, but as a rule most people aspire to one common denominator — to make the maximum number of repairs with minimal cost. Of course, a designer is not a magician, but without his help, your expenses time and funds to complete the repair will be much higher. And not the fact that the result will satisfy you.

Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

The stages of the designer’s work

It all starts with the preliminary stage. Together with the designer you inspect the object and it measures the apartment, listens to your suggestions, and then created a technical task.

The next stage involves sketching a design project. After the stipulated requests and information about the room, the designer creates options interiors — it can be sketch by hand, collage or 3D visualization of the future interior.

The penultimate stage involves creating a working draft, which is required for the builders. It contains a scheme of finishing the ceiling, walls, floor, layout of sockets and so on.

The final stage is loaded. Selected furniture, accessories and more, you specify the prices and brand.

If you want to ensure that the project was implemented by 100%, and the designer took over the function of supervision of construction works, should I order and supervision. But don’t assume that the designer will replace the superintendent. It will only control the implementation process according to the design plan, and make recommendations on controversial issues. By the way, supervision is one of the important points of misunderstanding customers, builders and designers, but that’s a topic for another article.

Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

The approximate cost of services of designers

There is no single list of prices for design work. All calculations are purely individual. As a rule, the cost of the project depends on the size of the room. If the area is small, then it is more difficult to work. And the cost per square meter, respectively, will be higher.

Moscow Bureau appreciate the services of an average of 2-3 thousand rubles per square meter premises. If to speak about private designers, the cost of their services is cheaper about 30% than the Bureau, but the number of projects that they hold at any given time may be limited.

Вклад дизайнера интерьеров в ремонт. Нужен ли вам дизайнер?

In that case, if a full design project for you — too expensive, you can order the services of a specialist who will do preliminary design project or design solution. This way you will be able to effectively maximize the area of his apartment. On average, the planning solution cost 500-700 rubles per square meter.

Hoping to budget your repair costs 5-7% of to take on the work of the designer.

Illustrations and advice provided by the interior designer Maria Bohr.

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