The continuation of the scandal, Olga Buzova was summoned to a duel

Продолжение скандала: Ольгу Бузову вызвали на дуэль
Resident of Comedy Club trying to avoid a trial with the star.

@buzova86 I challenge you!!! Nurse Russian rap leaves on time front against pseudogap-hop. As long as you are blinded by the beauty of Creed Egorov and sweet voice brutal Mota in Russia subject to bootvirus, and if not to destroy this plague, to save in this country will be nothing. #Buzova #globate #rapbattle

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Andrei Skorokhod (Globate), who threatens to sue for insults Olga Buzova, trying to avoid punishment. Only the resident of Comedy Club called the star to a rap duel. He suggested to settle the conflict on stage, and not in the courtroom.

Previously, he published an appeal in which he mentioned that the scandal ignited themselves fans of Olga. “I want to remind everyone the chronology of events: I posted a picture, which someone thought wasn’t funny. I’m not offended Buzova. And the whole conflict I have with crazed pack of Insta-commentators!” — wrote Gibati in social networks.

Scandal on TNT Olga Buzova sues colleague

Yesterday Olga made a statement about the readiness to sue his colleague. Resident of Comedy Club have put “like” on a comment in social networks, where the star of “House-2” was called obscene words, and then he spoke uncomplimentary to the address of Olga and her fans.Despite a warm relationship with the team at the Comedy Club, she was unable to forgive Globate of the applied insults. “I have no protector. Am I the only one. And all the problems solve itself. Today one “nepomuscene” with which we work on one channel allowed publicly to insult me. Unfortunately, those whom I thought were friends of gum had no effect on this situation. So I will solve it through court. Call me Hor**y and insulting my fans, calling them scum and dogs I will not allow anyone. I can survive abuse, but their people I will not give offense to anyone!” — said Olga.