The continuation of the scandal: 5-year-old son, Plushenko commented on his upbringing

Продолжение скандала: 5-летний сын Плющенко прокомментировал свое воспитание
Sasha Plushenko said, sitting in a dark room.

Recently in the media a scandal erupted. Producer Yana Rudkovskaya, in one of his interviews has mentioned that is really very strictly brings up his 5-year-old son Sasha. She claimed that her and her husband Evgeny Plushenko brought up the same way.

“…Once Jack took the belt and there is barely slapped on the ass, commented Ian then their own words. But it is not this belt! It is a small thin belt. And what from this? What?! And my parents in room put in the dark, and the belt was used, and house arrests, was!”

The scandal was so loud that it reached the Western press. Even the British newspaper the Daily Mail came out with a publication like torturing your child’s 4-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and his wife Yana Rudkovskaya for sport.

To once and forever put an end to these rumors, which, according to Rudkovskaya, from “nothing” inflated “yellow” press, Jan recorded a video in which she asks his son how things are going with his education.

“Members said that mom and dad beat me. That’s not true, — said Sasha. I know that there is a dark room, a rag and the belt when I don’t behave. And sometimes I don’t behave. I was never beaten, but showed them. And in the dark room I was imprisoned once. I sat there for about 10 minutes. I’m afraid of the dark room, suddenly there is a mummy of some kind will come out or the zombies. And nobody will save you!”

Photo: Instagram

Rudkovskaya as herself, yesterday commented on the situation.

“Let the haters blamed me for stiffness in the education and that is phones and Ipatov Sanecki, who is only 5 years old, half day passes on the ice and in the Academy where he trains. I know that sport is serious! And this is only the beginning of a difficult way to the goal for which kids go into professional sports! A goal of parents is the same — to grow a good athlete and a real man! “Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”! I hope more sensible people who understand that sport is a hell of a job, and to the pinnacle of success we must go in our time 4 years, since the time is now! — wrote Ian on his page in social networks. — So, dear subscribers, for each of their children choose their own way and goes with his children, we chose this, and what all of you wish! Choose the path for your child and help him to pass with dignity and walk at least until some kind of serious purpose — I’m sure in the future they will thank you for it! Jack your mother always thanked, and she very strictly brought up. In the sport no favors and never will be and anyone!”