The contestants lost a year-old heiress

Участник «Голоса» потерял годовалую наследницу Paul black, who became famous throughout the UK to test themselves in the popular TV show, shocked of what happened. His wife, Gemma’s heartbroken. Spouses psychologists who help them to recover after the death of little pearl.
Участник «Голоса» потерял годовалую наследницу

Western journalists have reported about the shocking incident in the UK. 49-year-old member of the TV show “the Voice” Paul black has lost one-year-old daughter pearl, who died last Saturday in a traffic accident.

When the singer and his baby back from the Park, they suddenly made arrival of a badly parked Range Rover, which was not the driver. The vehicle rolled rapidly around the corner. According to representatives of the media, the machine refused the hand brake.

In the result, the Floor and pearl was urgently hospitalized with serious injuries. However, the doctors fought for the life of the baby, failed to help her – the girl died in the hospital. Eyewitnesses say that Paul was trying to save her daughter, but it didn’t work out. Investigating the incident involved law enforcement officers.

Участник «Голоса» потерял годовалую наследницу

A month later the pearl would have turned two years. Close girls shocked. All the neighbors sympathize with the Floor black and his wife Gemma. With inconsolable grief spouses psychologists. The parents of a little girl issued an official statement in which he shared the pain of the loss of heir.

“She was the greatest dancer and she left a huge hole in our hearts. Without it, the world will become darker. She was the reason we lived there,” I quote a pair of black correspondents.

A few days later after the incident, Paul posted the following photo on his page on “Facebook”. In one of the publications the contractor gave to understand that crushed the incident. “My life is suspended indefinitely. Thanks to everyone who wrote good wishes. I am a ruined man,” said the man.

Friends Paul and Gemma try to keep them in a very difficult moment. They expressed condolences to the spouses in social networks. “Pearl had an incredibly beautiful brown eyes. She was supposed to be a superstar like her father. This is a terrible tragedy,” said one of the friends of the performer.

Recall that Paul black appeared on the popular British program “the Voice” in 2014. Many have compared the artist with the famous British singer Tom Jones. The star of the TV show have their own tribute group, tribute to Elvis Presley. In 2015, Paul’s wife Gemma gave him a daughter pearl. The couple also are raising eight-month-old son, with whom Gemma was during the tragic incident.

Участник «Голоса» потерял годовалую наследницу