The contestants got seriously injured

Участник «Голоса» получил серьезную травму Tornike Quotation that made everyone to shed tears after performing the song “Pray for parents”, took part in competitions on free-style wrestling. However, the athlete was not lucky – he took off the shoulder. Now the man is recovering after a bad fight.

      24-year-old contestant of “the Voice” Tornike Kvitsiani took part in the championship of Russia on free-style wrestling in an absolute weight category, held in Voronezh. During a fight with Akhmed Magomayev, the man was injured, as reported in his Instagram. Tornike sure that the fate thus alludes to his retirement from the sport. The performer also revealed that he plans to say goodbye to the martial arts.

      The coaches of “the Voice” was unable to restrain his emotions

      “In the final I again departed shoulder joint! After two surgeries today, again I had no luck. It is very difficult to write it, but goodbye, wrestling! Today it is very fashionable to write in Instagram, so I decided to share with you. I’ll try to start a new vocal life. Fate made me go into another realm. It’s a shame. Thank you friends who came to support me! And thank you very much”, – said Tornike Quotation in his microblog.

      Fans of the men hastened to wish him a speedy recovery and advised not to upset over the incident. “I wish good luck and new performances, and, of course, win,” “Get well”, “health is the most important, In life nothing happens by chance”, “don’t be discouraged, you meant the other way”, “Strength and patience, because there you have a new stage”, “You have a big future in the music field, good luck”, – wrote the followers of Quotation.

      It is worth noting that, Quotation is a master of sports of international class in freestyle wrestling and a member of the national team of Russia. In 2015, the man was the second in national championship in the weight category up to 97 pounds. It previously received the injury forced Tornike thinking about to try myself in another area.

      In an interview with reporters Tornike admitted that sport is his life, and he wants to someday compete at the Olympic games. Apparently, now the man will have to forget about one of his major Hobbies. As for the music, it was for Quotation hobby to engage in singing only after he began auditioning in the Voice. Tornike also told media representatives that are not expected to become a participant of the popular project. Send a request there man convinced friends, who believed that he sings.