The contest “Big break”: the shape of the face Maria Pogrebnyak

Конкурс «Большая перемена»: выиграй форму лица как у Марии Погребняк Maria Pogrebnyak appealed to stellar cosmetologist Olga Moroz. You too can get the coveted cheekbones or chin, to participate in our contest. In the application explain why you want to win.

      Конкурс «Большая перемена»: выиграй форму лица как у Марии Погребняк

      Last week, the “StarHit” launched the contest “Big break” in honor of its 10th anniversary. One of the desires that we do will be the complete transformation of a person from Olga Moroz.

      The schedule of the doctor painted in the months ahead: she was watching the beauty and appearance of Anna Khilkevich, Roses Sabitova, Polina grents, and the wife of the football player of “Dynamo” Pavel Pogrebnyak Mary helps to achieve ideal facial contours.

      Our reader doctor will do thoroughly, giving it as much as a month and a half for the procedure.

      “Olga introduced me to a friend about three years ago – says “StarHit” Maria Pogrebnyak. – It was important to me that I work with that is a doctor, and Olga has a medical education. It is beyond naturalness: does not offer to make a puppet of me and wisely advised only need. It turned out that she developed an exclusive technique that allows to reduce puffiness, mesotherapeutic procedure is called, “Slender face”. Did a small course of injections, and the relief of the cheekbones, chin, cheeks, was chiseled like from the picture. We also “pohudeli” area of paint bags removed under her eyes swelling with injections”.
      Конкурс «Большая перемена»: выиграй форму лица как у Марии Погребняк

      If you want to get to the clinic Olga Moroz and give yourself a new reflection in the mirror, write your story, explain why you should be the winner, and attaching a photo, send to 27 February [email protected] or fill out the form on the website at:

      We remind you that applications also will see two other star specialist surgeon Larissa Morava from Soho Clinik, which will make the rhinoplasty, and the doctor of Sciences, Professor Svetlana Gagarin, which will give our reader a new beautiful Breasts.