The consequence finds out the reasons of fire in a Moscow school

Следствие выясняет причины стрельбы в подмосковной школе On Tuesday, the ninth grade student Michael P. attacked the teacher and classmates. The result was injured four people. In fact what happened in Sochi was prosecuted. The Governor of Moscow region took the investigation under his personal control.
Следствие выясняет причины стрельбы в подмосковной школе

On Tuesday, September 5, in a suburban school in Ivanteevka there was an emergency. Michael P., born in 2002, armed with firecrackers, traumatic pistol, an axe and Molotov cocktails, attacked the teacher and classmates. Security guard no problem missed the young man, as he often went with an oversized military bag.

As journalists, first, the teenager who studied in the ninth grade, threw firecrackers, and then going to the classroom, hit the teacher Lyudmila Kalmykov axe and shot her. The frightened children began to jump out of Windows, so got bruises and fractures, and teacher of mathematics and Informatics was hospitalized with injuries to the frontal part of the head.

“There was gunfire, explosions. The guy was blown away. Shot, shouting that he came here to die. We are in the next room was. His classmates from the window jumped, the girl had a broken leg,” told reporters, Gleb, one of the disciples.
Следствие выясняет причины стрельбы в подмосковной школе

The shooter withdrew from school the police were sent for questioning with their parents. According to some sources, ninth-grew up in a happy family. Law enforcement officers suggest that the reason for the attack could be a conflict between teacher and student.

One of the eyewitnesses of the incident believes that Michael wanted to deal with peers who laughed at him. The teenager was fond of weapons and they didn’t dress like the other students.

“He came to kill me and two more of our classmates because we laughed at him – that he walks in the tibia and interested in guns, shooting and so on. (…) When the police led him to the car, he smiled. Any remorse he felt. He was a friend, not from our school. This friend wanted to be like the guy who did the shooting at the school “Columbine”. They talked, and generally was fond of these things,” said classmate Michael, who wished to remain anonymous.
Следствие выясняет причины стрельбы в подмосковной школе

Later began to appear the details of the incident. According to the teacher Kalmykova, teenager screaming, “waited three years”. According to the information which was available to journalists, Michael still summer rehearsing the attack on the school. According to some, the day before the incident, a ninth-grader shared their plans with the girl roommate. But she didn’t believe him. Peers Michael did not take his words seriously.

“He always went with pistols, took homemade grenades. I didn’t pay attention to it. His classmates told me that he will do the attack. I didn’t believe it. Yesterday when I left the house, he said, “tomorrow I’ll do the attack at the school”. I said, “What?” Today morning he wrote to me. I’m in shock,” – said the schoolgirl in the media.
Следствие выясняет причины стрельбы в подмосковной школе

Upon attack criminal case under article “Hooliganism”. Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov took the situation under his personal control, and the head of Ivanteevka Elena Kovaleva commented in Instagram. According to her, no shots was not.

Следствие выясняет причины стрельбы в подмосковной школе“According to preliminary information, the school had a conflict, a participant who was a teacher and a student. As a result of the conflict affected teacher. In the conflict of any shots, and the use of firearms was not made. There was a slight fire, which was liquidated before arrival of fire crews. However, in order to prevent the emergency evacuation of children,” – said Kovalev.

In preparing the article used materials of RBC, “Snob”, LIFE SHOT and Mash.