Состояние здоровья королевы Елизаветы вызывает озабоченность
Monarch missed the Christmas service in the Church.

Elizabeth II


This year Christmas in the British
the Royal family was not too happy. Because the health of the Queen,
around which every year gather in Sandringham her family clearly is
much to be desired. Another confirmation of this was the fact that Elizabeth first time in 30 years missed
Christmas service in the Church of St Mary
Magdalene Church, located near the Royal estate. About it
reported the online edition of dailymail.co.uk.

That the Queen is ill, became
known last week. Know all about it after she suddenly
canceled its annual journey by train from London to Sandringham. Originally
it was reported that the Queen just “cold” and everything goes the usual plan.
But the disease of the 90-year-old monarch was more serious than expected. And even
thought this year the traditional holiday of the estate of Elizabeth did not take place.
However slight the Queen demanded that her together with her husband, also not
too well itself felt, is still taken to Sandringham — at least
the helicopter, which was done.

The result is a Christmas has passed where usually
but much more modest than is customary in the family. Say, Christmas eve
the Queen spent in bed. She was unable to get to Church, morning
service in which a holiday morning it is traditionally attended every year, and
in any weather. It’s good that traditional telepathine Elizabeth his
subjects managed to record before she got sick. Another point, overshadowed by the
the holiday was the trouble that happened on Christmas eve in the family of the granddaughter of the Queen Zara
Phillips, about the pregnancy, which was announced recently — it suddenly
lost rebenka. Besides, monachino saddened by the lack of celebration in Sandringham
Prince William with wife Duchess Catherine and children — Prince George and
Princess Charlotte. This year they chose to spend Christmas in Balbieri — parents Kate.