The condition of Queen Elizabeth of concern to citizens

Состояние здоровья королевы Елизаветы вызывает озабоченность у подданных

A few days ago we talked about the fact that the current Queen is Elizabeth II because of poor health, refused to participate in the Christmas festivities, which traditionally take place in Sandringham.

It seems that the state of health of Her Highness is really poor, because for the first time in 30 years she missed the Christmas service in the Church St Mary Magdalene Church, located near the Royal estate.

Note that the representatives of the Buckingham Palace said that the Queen of seasonal colds and what to experience there is no reason. But the subjects of Queen Elizabeth II believe that things are much more serious.

The monarch tries to pretend that the situation is under control: feeling unwell, she nevertheless demanded to see her together with her husband, also not too good itself felt, is still taken to Sandringham — at least the helicopter, and that was done.