Состояние больного раком Николая Караченцова улучшилось The famous artist continues to struggle with serious illness. Last fall, Nikolai Karachentsov found cancer. Son of stars of theatre and cinema shared with journalists with doctors about his treatment. According to Andrey Karachentsov, an actor easily carries the therapy.
Состояние больного раком Николая Караченцова улучшилось

73-year-old Nikolai Karachentsov struggling with cancer. Last year at stars of theatre and cinema was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous tumor in her left lung. The son of a celebrity Andrey has told to journalists about how his treatment goes. Nikolai and his wife Lyudmila Porgina not have to go abroad for medical help. The couple chose to remain in Russia.

According to Andrey Karachentsov, as his father had improved. That a famous actor had beaten the disease, to speak still early, but the doctors noted positive dynamics in the treatment of a celebrity.

“I must say that there are positive results. The tumor in the lung, which it is diagnosed, it is under the influence of chemotherapy is reduced,” – said the son of the star.
Состояние больного раком Николая Караченцова улучшилось

Andrey Karachentsov believes that experts have chosen the right therapy. The son of a famous actor noted that he easily tolerates the treatment. “God forbid, that his condition is improved”, – said a close relative of a celebrity.

Previously, the wife of people’s artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Porgina shared with “StarHit” the opinions of doctors. “Our doctor – George Avraamovich Frank – offered hope, saying the disease develops slowly. It is known as the chief pathologist in the country, but is also a Professor of Oncology,” said the wife of Nikolai Petrovich.

Before beginning chemotherapy Karachentsov went for a week to Greece. The idea of traveling belonged to his son Andrew. “Walked in Athens. After nick and Andrew together went to the Holy mount Athos, because there can only men. Visited the Great Lavra – the oldest monastery of the Peninsula, the sacred place to venerate the relics” – shared Porgina.

Recall that due to the nature of the tumor and the General health of a star he is banned surgery. “The body can not withstand him, and so I group of disability,” said his wife Karachentsova. Lyudmila Porgina also admitted that worries about her husband, but being the owner of a resolute character, not going to give up. Relatives Karachentsov hope for the best.

During a recent conversation with journalists, the son of actor Andrey Karachentsov noted that the family of Nikolai Petrovich completely trust the Russian doctors. After the chemotherapy is finished, the specialists will conduct a survey of the artist, the results of which will decide on further treatment, reports TASS.