The composition in the technique of quilling with their hands

Композиция в технике квиллинг своими руками

Композиция в технике квиллинг своими руками

Quilling or quilling is an interesting technique of working with paper, allowing you to create amazing flat and three-dimensional compositions of twisted spiral elements. In this master class, we invite you to make a greeting card in quilling technique with their hands with which to handle even a novice master. A floral arrangement can be arranged in a frame and give to as a gift, and don’t forget to bring to the creative process children!

This composition is three-dimensional, that is, the elements are arranged on it in two rows. Stitched the basket in the technique of izon under the scheme (thread brown or beige, depending on colour chosen basis). Glue on the basis on a sheet of heavy paper or cardboard. Then move on to gluing the parts in the technique of quilling.

Композиция в технике квиллинг своими руками

At the bottom (the first layer) disposable sheets. The leaves can be done in different sizes and shades of green. The flowers also make different sizes and placed on composition is entirely (with a pre-glued petals).

Композиция в технике квиллинг своими руками

Serdtsevini to flowers made of tightly coiled spirals according to the size of our flowers (for large — large, small — small). Optionally, you can “attach” to the basket curved handle, stitched her in the technique of izon or chain stitch.

Композиция в технике квиллинг своими руками

The flowers are composed of individual petals that are often found in the manufacture of the compositions. A feature of the manufacture of these flowers is that the petals should be of equal magnitude. So round the spiral plug-in for the unwinding of the hole in the screen line specified diameter. Get loose spiral of the same size, which is compressed, typically in the form of “drop”.

If you need to get the item (flower) larger, two or three strips are glued together in length.

For the manufacture of serdtsevidok flowers (daisies, poppies, etc.) pre-upper edge of the strip cut into “noodles” 1/3 of the width, then tighten tight, glue the end and spread the incised side. Then serdtsevini will turn out fluffy.

The shape of petals, leaves and the structure of the flower is better to check the Atlas plant, postcard, etc.
The petals glue directly on the fabric. Glue to the center of the core. Sometimes in the bulk compositions need a flower as a separate item. In this case, the harvested flower by gluing the petals together. Glued to the center of the core. Flower dried and then glued into the composition.

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