The complexes prevented the Paulina Andreeva to be a ballerina

Комплексы помешали Паулине Андреевой стать балериной The actress always had unconventional appearance. So, because of too much growth she had to leave dream about dancing. On the set she repeatedly encountered difficulties because of the shape of their ears.

Paulina Andreeva is considered to be one of the most attractive girls of Russian cinema. Before her beauty I could not resist even Fyodor Bondarchuk, and the Directors do not tire of singing the praises of the charming actress.

The star itself refers to the pet’s very ironic. So, in the program “Smak” Paulina told that she first appeared on the stage in the role of the Scarecrow from the fairy tale “the Wizard of oz”.

“The main character we could play only the beautiful student. And my appearance was unusual, and the progress average. A story set in English, but the replicas I have had enough. Of course, mom was worried that her daughter is Scared, and I didn’t care. In adolescence complexes existed, but it quickly passed,” he shared memories of the actress.

Throughout childhood Andreeva dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but the dance Studio didn’t get because of too high growth. Then it put a future star, so she could not define the profession. In the end, Paulina entered the faculty of journalism, and only after several years of study, realized the attraction to acting.

Now she objectively perceives some imperfection in appearance. So, on the filming of “the Method,” she repeatedly encountered difficulties due to the shape of the ears.

“We had a scene where Konstantin Khabensky sat opposite each other in direct sunlight. That is, the light shines from behind, creating an unusual effect. The Director picked up a long time frame, then told me to rebuild the stage, to change the light. It turned out, and me and Bones were glowing ears that looked very funny,” said Paulina.

Now the actress plays not only in movies but also on stage of the Moscow art theatre. She admits that have long been accustomed to the team, but misses her native St. Petersburg. Paulina even willing to ever consider the option of moving to the cultural capital, but now it’s impossible because of work schedule.

Communicating with Ivan Urgant, Andreeva noted that she has a lot of creative plans and idea. Girl ready all the free time to spend on the set, because after a long search, she finally decided on true vocation.