The company’s specialists UNA fabbrica has developed the design project ICE BAR

Специалисты компании UNA fabbrica разработали дизайн проект ICE BAR

Not so long ago in St. Petersburg opened a bar ICE BAR, the design of this institution was developed by the specialists of UNA fabbrica. Main features create the interior of steel naturalness, simplicity and minimalism. All this helped to make the visitors feel like they are at home on a big and comfortable terrace. Furniture massive sofas and armchairs create a cozy atmosphere and complements the atmosphere of the soft subdued light.

UNA fabbrica is implementing design projects, the team consists of young professionals, ready to offer innovative ideas and bring them to life. Despite the fact that the design Bureau has recently appeared, it has already earned the respect of many. The most unusual ideas can be implemented. With the customer negotiated every detail, the concept is thought out carefully, in order to obtain not only unique, but also the most functional appearance of the premises.
UNA fabbrica is able to easily and in a short time to implement bold ideas associated with the repair.

The company will help to arrange harmoniously as a single room or an entire house. The company employs only highly skilled professionals, well versed in their field — they are able to find a solution to facilities that will make it as cozy and comfortable for living and working.
Because it is taken by professionals all work is carried out as quickly as possible, so customers don’t have to waste time. Offers only proven manufacturers that ensures the quality of the materials and their reliability in further exploitation — thus, time will have virtually no impact on the interior. Examples of projects can be seen on the website of the company

Sometimes one specialist is enough, which will help to deal with different nuances, to find the optimal solution that will provide a few sketches of the design, to be able to compare and choose the most suitable option.

Design office UNA fabbrica helps define the style, solve problems with complex layout. Individually selected colors, depending on preference and desired effect, because colours affect people in different ways: if the room should be calm — will be selected pastel colors; if to concentrate — a rich combination of colors.

There is the opportunity to design custom furniture, and interior decorative items, if desired, can be made manually. For repair work following Trustees, to avoid shortcomings from the construction crew. Even appliances should be chosen depending on the overall design of the room, so she should not be out of uniform style and underlined it.
Firm UNA fabbrica is able to implement any design idea on a higher level.