The company Smetus launched the service, which is able to calculate the cost of repair of an apartment

Компания Smetus запустила сервис, который умеет рассчитывать себестоимость ремонта квартиры

Smetus is an independent platform where designers, suppliers and developers can place and configure to calculate the cost of repairs your own designs, for sharing, and for demonstrating to their customers.

Компания Smetus запустила сервис, который умеет рассчитывать себестоимость ремонта квартиры

As we were told by the founder:

The company’s mission to make repairs simple and pleasant event in the lives of people. Online service has approached the renovation of apartments innovative.

Firstly, the developed technology allowing to know the cost of the upcoming repair on the finished designs, including the layout. Literally in three easy steps the user can absolutely free a detailed project list of all materials down to the screws needed to implement the chosen design in his apartment.

The website presents complete designs of apartments in VR mode. They can twist and watch your future repair from any angle. In turn smetus knows everything about these designs, knows what the laminate is on the floor, what are the dimensions and related materials under laminate. Smetus know what kind of paint is on the walls, her pies consumption and related materials for this paint. So you know all the details of what is in this interior.

Initially, all calculations are made according to a template layout 3 bedroom apartment homes п44т series, but the graphic tool allows you to change them and draw individual plan in any shape. As soon as the user closes the circuit, forms the design space with calculation of all parameters needed for the repair. Then create the matrix materials used in the design and superimposed on the resulting geometry. Formed a detailed calculation of the cost, up to the screw.

With the project which comes to the user mail you can buy materials and to contract for repairs on the classic market. But the value of the service to you can start.

Because the second you can use the service to secure transaction and then also not without innovation. At the conclusion of the 3 party contract, the contractor receives the entire amount upon completion of the work and only in the case of qualitative execution of repair. This object is automatically generated a full package of documents until a detailed schedule of works and creates an online communication channel, where every day the team takes off the progress reports, which sees the customer and the expert from smetus. So you will have a complete history of repairs. The customer can always count on the help of an expert in any matters in which he is incompetent. In the case of violations by the contractor, the expert has the right to decide issues of pre-arbitration and penalize it in the moment. This practice is very well established, as it increases the motivation of teams and quality of work.