The company “Laminate plus” gives gifts to all buyers!

Компания «Ламинат плюс» раздает подарки всем покупателям!

Special offer from “Laminate plus” allows you to save the arrangement of floor coverings in commercial premises! When buying laminate flooring with an area of 20 sq. m. the customer receives a gift of a substrate made of polyethylene foam. This material is good at absorbing the sound of footsteps that occurs when walking on the flooring. This substrate is designed for installation under laminate or parquet Board. Its thickness is 2 mm.

Компания «Ламинат плюс» раздает подарки всем покупателям!

This gift the company gives to buyers of laminate class 33 and collection Quick-Step from Belgium. It is esthetic and reliable floor covering, consisting of four layers:

  • high-strength film of acrylic resin;
  • a decorative layer;
  • a base layer of high-strength wood boards;
  • and the bottom protective sheet.

Thanks to the unique Uniclic lock after laying laminate flooring Quick-Step is not left gaps. The decorative layer of the coating has a classic texture or simulate other materials, such as stone. Please note! Offer does not apply to the following collections: Kronoflooring, Tarkett, Kronostar, Florwood, Kronospan and Kronotex. On the website you can see the conditions in more detail.

Also buyers of the laminate ranging from 22 sq. m. receive a discount on the purchase of accessories for car in the major online stores Auto-Cover and the Avto-bagazhnik. A discount of 3% applies to all products in this category. Customers also have the option to order additional services at competitive prices.

Delivery and laying of laminate

The company “Laminate plus” offers services for laying of floor coverings. Installation is carried out by qualified professionals with extensive experience. You can order stacking:

  • parquet boards;
  • plywood;
  • carpet;
  • linoleum;
  • laminate and other floor coverings, the selection of the company.

Flooring delivered in all districts of Moscow, including outside Moscow and in other Russian cities. Buyers of laminate flooring Quick-Step, Haro, Pergo, Kronotex, Ritter and Slope ranging from 20 sq. m. can use this service free of charge. Urgent delivery of the goods purchased on the day of booking for an additional fee. Accepts payments by credit cards VISA and MasterCard, and money transfers through the system “Yandex.Money.”