Компания «Строительные ресурсы» предоставляет акцию на строительные вышки ВСП 250

In the process of building it is often necessary to use different tools and professional equipment. The company “Building resources” provides the ability to order any desired product in a few clicks.

Tower tours is the necessary equipment for execution of construction works. Therefore, the company “Construction Resources” has decided to please consumers great discounts on the purchase of this product. Company directory buyers a wide selection of towers-the tour at the price of last year. Read more with the construction equipment on the site.

The main advantages of tower tours

Due to the collapsible design, the relative ease and portability of mobile tower tours are equally as effectively used outside buildings, and inside in confined spaces.

The main benefits of using rigs are:

  • compact;
  • mobility;
  • light weight;
  • easy Assembly and disassembly;
  • the ability to change the number of tiers depending on the desired height to perform the work;
  • ease of transportation and storage;
  • low cost.

Equipment for concrete works, welding, engineering

In addition to high-rise devices we have in stock a wide range of equipment:

  • concrete work — all of the screed and the casing, until the cement mixers and mortar mixers;
  • thermal equipment — equipment for maintenance of certain temperature mode: heaters (suspension and body), thermal guns of various kinds, heaters, etc.;
  • welding machines — rectifiers, inverters, etc.

With a full range of products is available on the company website and if you have a question you can always send it to the experts.

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