Юморист «Кривого зеркала» Александр Морозов признался в наркозависимости Showman long concealed the problem from others. Alexander Morozov took illegal drugs for several years. However, the man was able to heal thanks to the support of loved ones.
Юморист «Кривого зеркала» Александр Морозов признался в наркозависимости

Comedian Alexander Morozov is considered one of the most popular residents of the program “Distorting mirror”. The man often speaks across the country with concerts, but doesn’t like to share details of his personal life.

For the sake of the program “Hello, Andrew!” the showman made an exception and told about the serious health problems. Turns out, he for several years suffered from drug addiction. The only person who knew about the problem, was the mother of the artist.

“I found white powder and was just in shock. Of course, it was a difficult conversation. He promised me that I will be able to cope with the problem, and finally the drugs are gone from his life,” recalled the mother of comedian.

Morozov admits that he does not like to remember about that period of his life. The comedian denies that he is guilty based on, because he could not resist the many temptations. Now Alexander is ready to help those people who are faced with a similar problem. He advises not even trying illegal drugs because it will lead to addiction.

“I understand that when people begin to drink or take substances during the depression. So it is easier to cope with the situation. But I was different. Then load the effect of permissiveness. I suddenly realized that gaining popularity, people recognize me, and therefore went off the rails. After some time ceased to know themselves,” recalled the comedian.

Fellow artists admitted that they were not even aware about his addiction. Frost cleverly concealed addiction. When he realized that because illegal drugs could lose their life, decided to quit taking substances.

In acknowledging the artist, he doesn’t take drugs for more than eight years. The man is surprised that his addiction has caused such a flurry of interest among the audience, but I’m sure that confession made to the whole country, can help fans Morozova having a similar problem, to refuse illegal drugs.

In the program “Hello, Andrew!” came many famous comedians. They praised Alexander for his willpower. Singer Katya Semenova, in turn, noted that not everyone will be able to abandon the “thepresence”. In her opinion, Morozov can be proud of, because he not only struck out the addiction from the life, but also inspires others in a similar struggle.