Крушение второго брака стоило Робину Уильямсу жизни
Today is a sad comedian would have turned 65 years old.

Крушение второго брака стоило Робину Уильямсу жизни

Robin Williams

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The fact that Robin Williams, who
today would have turned 65 years, genius has become clear, even when he was very
young. His teachers at the prestigious Julliard an acting school in new York, where he was considered one of the most
talented students unanimously claimed that Williams “something
special.” And the Professor, an acknowledged master John Hausman, admitted being engaged in Taekwondo for
with Williams a couple of years, that the more he is his student can not teach anything. Robin knows everything and knows better
than himself…

The actor began his career in
“stand-up Comedy” in one of the clubs of San Francisco. And this start was the beginning
as his fame and the problems that led, ultimately, to death. In
while “Frisco” as it was called by the city, its inhabitants, considered the capital of the hippies, where it was no problem to find drugs. And Robin could not resist the temptation. Sam Williams
once said that he started snorting cocaine and abused alcohol to
to get rid of constant stress, because early career was given to Robin, who was painfully shy childhood
and like a shy child is not easy.

Addiction quickly
out of control, and Williams likely should have died, not having lived
to 30 years, if not sudden death from an overdose of his best friend, actor
John Belushi. The death of a comrade, and began to chase Williams heavy
hallucinations, prompted him to take itself in hands and to refuse
cocaine. To honor Williams, to drugs, unlike alcohol, it is more
did not return until the end of days. However, the damage to the body of the actor was done,
and consequences of violent youth
reminded of himself many years later…

Returning to a sober life, Robin
quickly became a star. His breakthrough on television was the TV series “Mork and mindy”, where
he played a funny alien. A few years later came to him
the triumphal success and the movies, when he starred in Barry Levinson’s Good
morning, Vietnam,” for which he received his first nomination for “Oscar”. For all
his career, Williams was awarded numerous prizes, among which were
the Academy award and six Golden
Globes, and two Emmy winners.

Robin Williams and Ben Stiller in “night at the Museum-3”

Photo: Kinopoisk.ru

The audience, who adored his films “Jumanji”, “Captain Hook”, “Mrs. Gauthier”, “Flabber”, “night at the Museum”,
were convinced that Williams is hilarious. However, this was not so: Robin
suffered from a tendency to depression that periodically caused his alcoholic
“breakdowns”. Another of them cost him his marriage to his beloved second wife
Marcia grace, the mother of his daughter Zelda and son Cody. And the third and last marriage
actor – designer Susan Schneider,
failed that, according to friends of the actor, and contributed
his death.

Robin was found dead 11
Aug 2014 in his home near San Francisco. He hanged himself in
own bedroom, using the strap. His wife was at that time
house, but the relationship of the actor with his wife was, apparently, already so
bad that they almost did not communicate. After the death of actor Susan said that
Robin suffered from severe depression, caused by the fact that shortly before his
death doctors told him a disappointing diagnosis: he was suffering from the illness
Parkinson’s, which progressed very quickly. As explained Robin Dr,
the trouble is partly responsible for long
the drug and alcohol abuse…

“If he didn’t kill himself, he
had to live two or three years, no more!” said Schneider after the funeral
Robin. However, friends of the actor and his children from a previous marriage are convinced that if
next to Williams in the last period of his life was loving and caring March
Grace, the events could develop differently…

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