The coachman told about the situation with the Sparrow in the airport of Kiev

Кучера поведал о ситуации с Воробей в аэропорту Киева
Over the weekend, Russian actors went to Ukraine to participate in the play “the man with the home delivery”.

Кучера поведал о ситуации с Воробей в аэропорту Киева

But during the border crossing there was an unpleasant situation, Elena Sparrow is not released from the airport.

This is because the Sparrow is under ban on entry to Ukraine because of the situation with the Crimea.

“Unpleasant story, of course, did not let me out of the airport building. Very sorry for the people of Kiev, the spectators, who bought tickets and were going to watch a nice Comedy… Very sorry for the spectators, because the people are not to blame” – shared Elena in the microblog.

Oskar Kuchera, who was also present at the incident, decided to tell the details of the situation.

Кучера поведал о ситуации с Воробей в аэропорту Киева

“Lena Sparrow deported after 12 hours holding at the airport. I got held at the border for nearly six hours without explanation. I was not in the Crimea, but told me that the film “the French spy,” in which I had the opportunity to play a major role, is prohibited in Ukraine,” said Kucera.

Despite what happened at the airport, the actors were able to play a performance that delighted the audience.

“We played without Lena Sparrow, despite the fact that she’s one of the main roles. I thought that because of the lack of artist we just tell in your own words what is happening in the scene! As if playing a scene with her, but without her. That is what I suggested partners! The guys accepted my proposal and we started… Tongue numb, palms wet, we did not understand how it will go. But then in the moment when Anna Nevskaya had to start to talk the stage with Lena, the site popped up Mikhail politseymako in the hat of Lena Sparrow and began to improvise, portraying her character! Hall jackknifed as I do behind the scenes,” reported Oscar to the subscribers.

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