The closure of the 69-th Cannes film festival: Mtsituridze copied Boni

Закрытие 69-го Каннского фестиваля: Мцитуридзе скопировала Боню

Leading the “First channel” appeared on the red carpet of the closing ceremony of the 69th Cannes film festival in an unusual evening toilet.

Ekaterina Mtsituridze, like Victoria Bonya, is a frequent guest at the Cannes film festival. However, unlike Victoria, Catherine comes to the Riviera on duty, and not from idleness. As it turned out, two completely different celebrities in addition to love for Gangnam have something else in common – a love for similar outfits.

The TV presenter appeared at the close of the 69th Cannes film festival in a luxurious evening set consisting of a crop top and fluffy skirt to the floor. Both items were decorated with a bold floral pattern and sequins. Dressed with exactly the same pattern, but only fully embroidered with sequins, Victoria Bonya appeared on the red carpet opening of the Cannes film festival a little over a week ago. That evening a former member of the TV project “Dom-2” surprised the audience with the frankness of his image, appearing in front of photographers in a spectacular mini-jumpsuit.

It is worth noting, toilet Catherine mtsitouridze was much more modest that chose Bonia. While it is likely that both of these dresses belong to the hand of one of the fashion house – Zuhair Murad.

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