Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева посвятит ему книгу Alexander Kutsevol does not want to even think about other men. Darling admits that she is now very hard. She is planning to realize the dreams of Yakovlev and tell the world about their happy love story.
Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева посвятит ему книгу

The civil spouse of the deceased on the eve of Oleg Yakovlev Alexander Kutsevol still can not believe what happened. On Thursday morning, the actor’s heart stopped. The doctors found that the cause of death was pulmonary edema, as well as a long time musician was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.

As Alexander says, she wants to implement something that didn’t make Oleg. As you know, the artist planned to record a CD with solo compositions. Besides, she is going to release a novel about their relationship with the artist. Former fan or last love: why Oleg went from “Simons”

“It is hard for me! I’m confused and conflicted about what happened. I know for sure that the rest of my life I dedicate to the memory of Oleg, the other men I will not. Oleg had a lot of plans I want to implement them. In the near – to release a CD of his solo songs, of which he had dreamed. Write a book, which tell about the enormous happiness that I these five years gave Oleg,” said koziol.

We will remind, Oleg and Alexander have got acquainted in Saint Petersburg, and later faced on the set of the musical gear in Moscow. It Kutsevol convinced Oleg that he should try his hand at solo work. In 2013, the singer finally left the band “Ivanushki Internarional” and focused on his solo career. The choice was his producer, Manager and reliable support. The girl was able to resolve any questions regarding performances, touring and recording songs Yakovlev. The couple decided not to register relations in the registry office.

“Don’t always ring on my finger and a stamp in your passport is so important. I am very grateful to Sasha that we go with her through life together,” Oleg said.

Alexander called the chosen one “main man” of his life. After the announcement of his death, she left a post on a social network dedicated to elect. “How am I now without you? Fly, Oleg! I am always with you”, – she wrote.

Many friends and colleagues Yakovlev confirmed that Kutsevol did a lot for him and was always there. “I do not tire of repeating, that was good and bright people,” added Sasha to the interview with the publication “Days.ru”.