Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева будет судиться из-за слухов о СПИДе Alexander Kutsevol commented on in the media. A number of publications reported that the singer died from a serious illness. Fiancee of deceased artist does not intend to leave unpunished such statements.
Гражданская жена Олега Яковлева будет судиться из-за слухов о СПИДе

The day after the death of the ex-soloist of “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev, the Network began to actively discuss the reasons that caused the sudden death of the artist. He was 47 years old. According to doctors, the man’s heart stopped. Last night the star was connected to the ventilator. Due to liver cirrhosis, which was worse, the doctors failed to save him.

Later a source in medical circles told reporters one of the publications that Yakovlev had AIDS. Because of immune deficiency, according to the resource, the artist began a heart problem. “StarHit” contacted darling Oleg, Alexandra Kutsevol to clarify the situation. Former fan or last love: why Oleg went from “Simons”

“I’m going to sue such publications. I’ll Wake up from everything and will deal with this issue. It is beyond. They even wrote that I killed myself. Horrible rumors,” – said Alexander with “StarHit”.

We will remind that Oleg and Sasha lived together for about five years. She worked as a Manager of the artist and do his producing. Now on the shoulders of a beloved deceased singer fell the responsibility of cremation. According to koziol, it was like Oleg. Farewell ceremony with Yakovlev will take place on Saturday. About it it is reported separately on the artist’s page in the social network.

“We all prayed for his recovery. Now – for the repose of his soul. Saying goodbye to a friend and the artist will be held on 1 July at 12:00 at Troekurov house Necropolis”, – stated in the post.

On Thursday evening, friends and acquaintances remembered what was Oleg. In the program “Let them talk” people who have close contact with the artist, explained that he was not feeling the last few months. The last days of Oleg Yakovlev: memories of loved ones in “Let them talk”

“I was perplexed, he had yellow whites of the eyes. I could not hide his surprise. “What is it, dear?” – “Nothing, everything’s fine.” Throughout the broadcast he was frustrated, it shows. I was embarrassed to ask. When there was talk about children, future, hit, Yes, he seemed tired, but lived with the hope. When I was leaving, I said, “take Care of yourself”. I felt that I had seen him for the last time. It was hard for him,” said Katya LEL.