The civil wife of Eddie Murphy gave birth to his ninth child

Гражданская жена Эдди Мерфи родила ему девятого ребенка A Hollywood actor once again became a father. His fiancee Paige butcher gave birth to a baby girl. Mom and baby are doing well and are still in a clinic in Los Angeles.

      Гражданская жена Эдди Мерфи родила ему девятого ребенка

      Famous Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy was the ninth time father. Civil wife star Paige butcher, with which they have been together for four years, gave him a daughter. The girl was born in a clinic in Los Angeles on the night of 3 may. It is reported that the baby was born weighing 3.5 kg and 50 cm, a little Girl named Izzy una Murphy. According to the representative of the actor, 36-year-old Paige and baby feel good, but they have not yet .pisali.

      The pair did not hide the fact that they will soon have a baby. Eddie and Paige is pregnant again caught by paparazzi during a walk in Beverly hills. In early April, they even told reporters that they will have a girl. Eddie and Paige met in 2006 on the set of the Comedy “Big momma’s House 2”, but started Dating only after several years.

      The 55-year-old Eddie Murphy has eight children from other women. Eric Murphy became the first child star, who gave birth to Paulette Mackyle. Tamara hood in 1990, son Christian was born. In 13 years of living together with the Murphy model Nicole Mitchell star gave birth to five children: Bria, Myles, Shayne Audra, Zola Ivy and Bella Zahra. After his divorce from Nicole of the actor were short-lived relationship with the soloist of Spice Girls Melanie brown. The singer gave birth to his daughter angel iris.

      In an interview, Murphy told us that fatherhood has changed his Outlook on life.

      “When you become a father, I want to play in movies that kids can watch. Well, for example, “Shrek” is voiced by donkey – kids liked it! And one of my youngest daughters, Bella, when I saw the advertisement of the movie “the Golden child”, asked me: “Dad, what are you, the whole movie will be in this hat?” I said, “Well Yes…” And what do you think? She refused to watch the movie because my black hat cap seemed to her horribly ugly” – shared with journalists the actor.

      Eddie Murphy began his career as a stand-up performer. He made his debut at club Bay Area Comedy Club”. According to the memoirs of the actor, the most difficult period of his life was the work in the show “Saturday night live”. The star has admitted that subsequently, all the movies seemed to him much easier of performances on stage.

      Murphy is known for his roles in the films “Beverly hills”, “trading places”, “boomerang”, “the nutty Professor”, “the adventures of Pluto Nash” and many other comedies.

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