The choice of washing machine for home in 2017

Выбор стиральной машины для дома в 2017 году

Today each family, so that there is a family, each person has the necessary assistant such as a washing machine. How much health, time, effort and energy can save washing machine!

Every year the choice of washing machines is presented with more and more requirements, therefore, to deal with this issue, the price comparison website studied the market of washing machines and determine what characteristics should have a washing machine in 2017.

Such standard functions like hand and delicate wash, the spin cycle 1200 rpm it is not enough that the washer was an actual unit in 2017. Manufacturers offer their own proprietary technologies designed to improve not only the quality of washing, but also meet the modern requirements of environmental friendliness: minimum consumption of water, electricity, and minimize user intervention in the management of the washing machine.

Выбор стиральной машины для дома в 2017 году

For example, this year all the well-known Korean company Samsung introduced a new Samsung washing machine FlexWash™ + FlexDry equipped with modern technologies, namely: a reduction in the wash twice; mixing water, air and detergent for more thorough cleaning; reduce noise and vibration. This miracle we can manage and control the stages of washing and drying with a smartphone. The device can be called “washing of the combine 4 in 1”. The feature of this model is not only in the wash, the spin cycle a large number of linen, but it is drying. The technique has several divisions: front, allowing you to wash bulky items, and horizontal (top) — for washing small items, plus two similar compartments for drying clothes. The main area of the dryer disinfects and eliminates creases and odors. With the advent of such a machine is lost the need for separate washing of colored linen — enough to place it in a separate drum.

Another novelty, but now from the Italian brand, — Candy Bianca. It can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi using the same smartphone. This washing machine — the owner of a fairly simple interface, has touch-screen (with one touch you can activate or combine all existing processes). In addition, it can “talk” understands voice commands and can reply in the same language, able to identify the program for different types of Laundry, degree of pollution and quantity of Laundry.

Well, “American” — Hoover Dynamic Wizard. In order to control machine, it is sufficient to attach your smartphone to its body, or to control remotely, podkljuchiyolis to the network via Wi-Fi. Technology all-in-one allows you to load in the drum of the clothes of different colors, and an hour to get an excellent result, with no faded spots. Besides, it’s a washing machine / dryer that lets you load up to 11 kg of Laundry. The inverter motor allows the machine to operate quietly, and the lifetime increases four times.

As you can see, the Internet of things comes much faster than we think. If 10 years ago touch this technique was considered to be exclusive and only in the lines of premium equipment, then today touch controls and equip mainstream programming of the machine. Therefore, we expect that in the near future appliances will increasingly become smart devices.