The choice of millions of Russians

Выбор миллионов россиян After the birth of her son the only thing that marred the happiness and tranquility of our family is talking about the name.
Выбор миллионов россиян

Hearing another argument, my mother barely audible sigh and remembered how at my appearance in the world wanted to call me Elijah, but by the relatives of the husband it has caused a storm. To stop differences, it was decided to appeal to folk wisdom and genetic memory. And the most iconic historical figure for the Russians is show and numerous interviews – is…

That’s Right – Alexander Nevsky! On the anniversary of his Vice-President of the Russian television Academy Alexander Mitroshenkov with barely disguised pride told the guests about our choice. But you’ll notice right away: for me the main argument in this matter was not the view of millions of compatriots, and the fact that Alexander Nevsky, a day which we will celebrate very soon, began to reign at the age of sixteen. (20 who have forgotten, he won a victory over Swedish forces on the Neva river, after which he was nicknamed Nevsky.) No military battles for its Sasha I don’t want to, but the fact that he grew up in the same independent guy, like his great namesake, my wife would not mind.