The Chinese believe Ivanka trump new ideal of beauty

Китаянки считают Иванку Трамп новым идеалом красоты

To make their appearance more European trying to many Chinese women. A resident of China come up with various ways in order to make the eyes more open, the nose is more expressive and exposed, etc.

For a long time the ideal of beauty of women around the world was Angelina Jolie, but now the standards have changed and women dream not like the Hollywood actress and the daughter of newly elected President Donald trump Ivanka.

In the city of Foshan in China’s Guangdong province, one medical company even changed its name in honor of Mrs. Kushner in Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management.

The reporters of People magazine spoke with a renowned plastic surgeon Marc Mani, who often practices in China and found that Chinese women in choosing the new appearance is really as ideal is often pointed out by American celebrities.

“I had a Chinese patient who came with photos of celebrities. Face Ivanka trump close to the ideal: her expressive eyes, face heart shaped with a feminine chin and moderately high cheekbones and a small nose, — says the surgeon. — Interestingly, many believe that serious changes in appearance will make them more successful, however, patients from China, mostly already successful and simply want to look younger and prettier.”