The child’s father Dana Borisova responded to the accusations of her loved ones

Отец ребенка Даны Борисовой ответил на обвинения ее близких Maxim Aksenov responded to the hype. In the last broadcast of “Let them talk” on the former civil husband TV presenter came under a barrage of criticism from the guests in the Studio. Many felt that he took the opportunity and decided to take away the daughter Pauline. The man clarified the situation.

After several esters “Let them talk”, dedicated to Dana Borisova and her struggle with drug addiction, ex-civilian spouse of stars Maksim Aksenov decided to go to court on the issue of determining the place of residence of their nine-year-old daughter Polina. Excited girl’s grandmother Ekaterina Ivanovna came to Andrey Malakhov that he and his team prevented the businessman to pick up the child.

Polina herself, recently recorded a video message claims that she is doing well, dad very caring, buys her things. However, according to the successor Borisova, it suffers from the increased attention from the public, so sometimes do not attend school. Maxim Aksenov made contact with reporters and explained that he was not going to make a scandal with ex-wife because of my daughter.

Dana Borisova met with a pregnant mistress, ex-husband

“I’m not going to deprive Dana of parental rights and communicating with Pauline. If Dana would be in Moscow or, no show would not be, even in the winter we agreed with her about staying with me Polina. Now we are forced to appeal to the Supreme court,” said the father of Paulina.

According to men, about three weeks the child is unable to communicate with his mother. In a rehabilitation center, where Dana, in the beginning of course they are not allowed to use mobile phones. During a teleconference Dana Borisova said she was ready to do anything for a daughter.

“She really has had a complicated mother with a difficult fate, a famous personality, which attracted the attention of that you not be left alone. And I always blamed myself for it, I always tried to limit my daughter from this, protecting. I just really love her. I’m not like my mother, suffer from codependency,” said the celebrity.

Dana Borisova on the drug: “I would do anything for my daughter!”

Apparently, one of the key roles in the whole situation was the mother Borisova, Ekaterina Ivanovna. According to the former wife of a celebrity, a woman with an ulterior motive turned on the TV. “It seems that someone has a personal interest in our family. Visible material the intention,” – said Aksenov correspondents of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Man plans to understand the situation and do everything for the sake of his daughter Pauline was happy.