The children of Maxim Galkin surprised him with gifts

Дети Максима Галкина удивили его подарками On 18 June the TV presenter turned 41, and in honor of this event, Lisa and Harry has prepared unusual gifts for dad. Daughter has made Maxim toy owl, and her brother read on camera a poem.

Maxim Galkin often shares photos and videos with their four children. Today was a special reason, as the comedian celebrates another birthday. The most touching congratulations were those that had prepared for a star of his own children. So, little Lisa had in his hand a toy video purple owls. But Harry decided to show your skills as a speaker, with an expression reading the poem.

“Daddy is the best of the men. I am proud that his son” – so began touching the boy’s greeting, addressed to Galkin.

The star father was obviously delighted with the gift, presented to him by children. He thanked Lisa and Harry, with a hearty kiss upon children. Fans couldn’t stay away, joining in the congratulations. “Maxim, I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you health and all the best”, “It’s really the best gifts for any dad”, “how lovely, how fortunate. Lisa is amazing. Maxim, day”, – wrote fans Galkina in the comments to his post on Instagram.

Showed birthday and numerous bouquets which he presented to friends and acquaintances. Among them were the pink flowers that Maxim gave Alla Borisovna.

Soon joined the congratulations star friends of comedian. His wishes in his address said Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Valeria and many others.

“Continue to give people laughter and joy, to Shine a bright light on our stage. Be still loyal and devoted to his beloved, no wonder she calls you sunshine in your life! All these years I was witness to a really large your love. Well, and to congratulate the race, how to save up” – a touching and humorous congratulated the birthday boy, Philip.

In Instagram Maxim now more and more family photos with children and wife. Galkin also love to shoot fun videos, which the main character often becomes Alla. So, during one of the recent videos Joe, and Laima Vaikule sit but a new, very extravagant diet, dirtying the clothes.

Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule sat on an extreme diet.

While it is unknown when the comedian will be celebrating his birthday. The stellar collection is located in Riga, which enjoy a beach holiday. Probably gala evening dedicated to the Maxim will be organized in Latvia.