The chest of discord: photo Semenovich with a small bust

Грудь раздора: фото Семенович с маленьким бюстом

The most dramatic part of the singer was again the center of attention.

Busty beauty Anna Semenovich has again become the object of widespread discussion. However, this time all attention was riveted not her personal life, and the most prominent part of the body.

Spouse Borodina Kurban Omarov in his new account on Instagram has long reveals the secrets of the stars. This week went to the mayor. Lobster posted in the youthful photo. Not only that, Anna in the picture, in principle, not to know, and the curvy shape of hint there…

“And where did the chest come from?” – immediately asked the fans.

“Well, maybe its rather big, but without implants has not been… Before there was a sweet, beautiful and natural, but now is made”, – expressed his opinion followers.

But Anna comparing photographs, I think, did not hurt! The actress responded with irony: “Well, I’m pretty at any age”.

In plastic surgery star is not going to confess. Moreover, in his numerous interviews Anna has repeatedly said that her Breasts were always big! And so the bust would not hurt to skate, singer life, he wore a pair of spanx. However, fans of the ubiquitous artist on such statements looked skeptical. Supposedly this is how to pull breast to make it disappear completely?

Do you believe the Breasts are real?

  • Of course, real! I mean, Anna was a different physique
  • I doubt it, can’t small Breasts grow to these sizes!
  • Most likely, you got hit by a surgeon
  • Don’t know, not tested(-a)
  • Yes, it’s just not her!