The chair JK Rowling was sold for $394 thousand

Стул Джоан Роулинг был продан за $394 тысячи

Soon all that will touch the hand of JK Rowling, will cost a thousand times more than its real value. The chair on which sat the legendary writer when he wrote the first books about the famous wizard Harry Potter, was sold at new York auction for 394 thousand dollars.

Стул Джоан Роулинг был продан за $394 тысячи

An anonymous buyer without regret laid out for the piece of furniture a tidy sum of money. All the inscriptions made on the chair, hand made by Joan in person.

“Dear new owner of my chair. In 1995 I bought four identical chairs for my dining room. One of them was the most comfortable, so eventually he stood in front of my typewriter, when I was writing “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” and “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”. Some nostalgic part of me is a little sad, but my back is telling me “thank you”” says the note from Joan new owner of the chair.

Oak chair, on which there is a speech, participated in the auction for the second time. First time furniture which Joan gave to charity in 2002, was sold in 2009 to some collector for 29 thousand dollars. One can only assume what will be its price in subsequent sales.

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