The chair explained the care Korchevnikov of “Live”

Джигурда объяснил уход Корчевникова из «Прямого эфира» The controversial actor has put forward his version of what happened. He believes that Boris korchevnikov could leave the program after the skirmish with the release of January 11. Then between Nikita Dzhigurda and a leading current-show there was a conflict.

      Джигурда объяснил уход Корчевникова из «Прямого эфира»

      Recently it became known that Boris korchevnikov out of the program “live”, but the channel has not yet confirmed the rumors, actively circulating in the Network. Probably it can replace Dmitry Shepelev, who shared news about his appointment in social networks. At the same time he korchevnikov and representatives of the TV channel “Russia 1” and the producers of the project prefer to refrain from commenting about personnel changes. According to others, entertainers can keep the transmission together, but this is not known.

      Boris korchevnikov leaves the “live”

      At the same time, a number of other sources claims that the star of the show “kadetstvo” finally decided to leave the program. The news about changing the leading “Live” caused a huge public resonance. Many social media users put forward their own versions of what happened. Some of them believe that Boris korchevnikov behaved correctly in the show of 11 January. Then he entered the fray with actor Nikita Dzhigurda.

      Recently, the controversial artist spoke on the topic of what korchevnikov leaves “live”. The event of the chair connects with the output of the program in which they had a conflict. Nikita also believes that his opponent decided to retire due to health problems. Showman does not hide their resentment against the leader.

      “I feel sorry for Bob – he is a talented actor and not a scoundrel. But he was fond of dishonest game, and that came to him “Djigurda”… Bob crossed the face of the game and after my back hitting and accusations of dishonesty, he called himself a dishonorable leader. There was a scandal, I called him backstage to tell me that it can wait “karmic kickback” for lewd behavior. He didn’t go… I was angry because he was still on his very first broadcast, and then supported him. A scandal in the Studio, which provoked Boris and hung up on me, exacerbated his illness,” said Dzhigurda.

      Nikita also argues that the presenter “was played on the side of” his opponents in the history of the legacy of Lyudmila Bratash. However, the chair only expresses his point of view, no direct evidence of the truth of his words there.

      Meanwhile, fans of Boris Korchevnikov pray for his health and wish you all the best showman. The host has so far refrained from any statements, preferring to keep details of the forthcoming changes in “Live”. By the way, Dmitry Shepelev has already begun shooting in announcements on the upcoming editions of the talk show. He said this in his Instagram. Fans Shepeleva congratulate him on his new appointment.