ЦИК зарегистрировав Ксению Собчак как кандидата в президенты

On 26 December the Central election Commission registered the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak as a presidential candidate. The registration has enabled the 36-year-old star to fully organize his election campaign that includes the creation account in the savings Bank and collect for participation in elections 100 thousand signatures.

ЦИК зарегистрировав Ксению Собчак как кандидата в президенты

As it became known, now Sobchak will play in the elections as the representative of the party “Civil initiative”.

Recall that his candidacy scandalous in the past the journalist put forward in October. Choose the President of the people’s will on 18 March 2018, and now the Bulletin is written her name. “I know I’m a controversial figure. I’m a journalist, blonde in chocolate, the daughter of the reformer, member of the coordination Council of Russian opposition. I may not be your candidate, but my participation in the elections for the above positions is beneficial to voters, it is beneficial for the Russian political system,” said the public broadcaster early.

In the political case, the presenter is serious. Ksenia said that it is ready to invest in its pre-election maximum of 40 million rubles. “I don’t believe that they will lose,” says Xenia.”I believe that we will gain. Of course, you have to put including your money. How can I convince businessmen, entrepreneurs, people I call to donate money, if I invest in? This is wrong.”

In support of her loving husband who recently recalled their feelings to the public. “Want to tell you what I admire about my wife? In addition to intelligence, beauty, sex, hands, feet, eyes, tenderness, devotion, determination, skills, love and friendship, health, courage, turning into despair, the diligence, taste, ability to cook cheesecakes and give birth to incredible children, it is an absolute impossibility to fit it into some of our (mere mortals) ideas about how it should be.” writes Vitorgan.

“Our absurd and doomed (and that’s why our irritation) attempts to fit it into some familiar concept. One way or the other, but at least some that our minds can master. And we demand that it abide and conform. She can’t get enough. It does not fit. She gets on the field, leans against the glass, standing under the boom, coming down the aisle, which is not… all at the same time. And we can only admire and resent. Here each his own,” ended his emotional message to his wife Vitorgan.