Причина смерти Олега Ивашова (сына Светланы Светличной)

Oleg Ivashov was the son of people’s artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Ivashov – known throughout the country Alyosha from the film “the Ballad about the soldier” Grigory chuhraja. The star couple Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Vladimir Ivashov had two children: boys Alex and Oleg. The oldest, received its name in honor of the immortal character of the father, alive and well still, the baby was dead. He died 10 years later after my father’s death and the cause of his death – toxic alcohol poisoning.

He was born in the most beautiful, according to viewers across the country, the actor’s pairs in 1972, and was 11 years younger than his brother. At this time, the living conditions of the family have improved and she did not lack money. Oleg grew up in a more affluent environment than Alex ward senior. Harmony and love that prevailed prior to this, between spouses, of course, weren’t as rosy as before, but they got along.

		Причина смерти Олега Ивашова (сына Светланы Светличной)

On the photo: Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Vladimir Ivashov

Incidentally, no remarkable beauty or charm their parents, or their talent is not inherited neither Alex or Oleg. They are similar to Ivashov and Svetlichny features – and only: the photographs both look normal, if not dull, without subtly austere, almost aristocratic way of his father and sensual attractiveness of the mother.

		Причина смерти Олега Ивашова (сына Светланы Светличной)

On the photo: Svetlana Svetlichnaya sons (Oleg Ivashov – left)

Between the parents there were misunderstandings caused, most often the emotional mother, and later even of infidelity, but in certain limits it does not go out. Ivashov, is configured to responsibility for the fate of their family members, did everything possible to save it. He supported Alexis in the desire to become a dentist and did not reject his wife, as Svetlichnaya. A high sample of this man, this actor, remaining beautiful even posedev and old, with dignity carried until his death in 1995

		Причина смерти Олега Ивашова (сына Светланы Светличной)

Vladimir Ivashov with the sons of Oleg and Alexei

Oleg in the year of the death of his father was for 23 years and he still undecided in life, remaining with his mother in the old family apartment on Gagarin Avenue. But Svetlana afanasevna, intolerant of loneliness, began to get fans, lovers, and then we made a hasty short-term marriage with a questionable reputation good for you, younger by 20 years. The apartment was agreed to be exchanged between her and Oleg, without the participation of Alexei.

		Причина смерти Олега Ивашова (сына Светланы Светличной)

The grave of Oleg Ivashov and father

Oleg tried to contain myself, doing different things, he changed several professions. He failed married and divorced, friendly gatherings with beer gave way to drinking stronger drinks. Then he came up with the idea that he needs to move to the periphery. Svetlichnaya acquired 34-year-old son private house in Kineshma, gave the car “Oka”. With his mother and offended by their brother Oleg almost never talked, traded on the market, jeans, increasingly succumbing to the charms of the “green dragon”.

He died in 2006, alone, and all attempts Svetlana Svetlichnaya find his death ominous traces of the crime was in vain. The investigation established that the main cause of death of Oleg Ivashov was the toxicity of the liver, which was caused by prolonged abuse of alcoholic beverages.

He is buried next to my father at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.