The cause of death of Chris Cornell

Названа причина смерти Криса Корнелла

Rocker Chris Cornell, who committed suicide a few weeks ago in the Detroit hotel soon after the successful concert, in a matter of minutes before he hung up, took a lethal dose of medication. This is evidenced by the reports of patologoanatom published this weekend.

The frontman of Soundgarden would have died anyway because his blood found a dangerous mix of benzodiazepines, barbiturates and amphetamines. So even if he decided to hang himself, the number of drugs would have killed him within the next twenty to thirty minutes. This was stated by the assistant medical examiner of Wayne County town of Theodore brown.
“Besides the signs of hanging were no other signs pointing to other causes of death,” the report says.
Cornell was cremated and his remains were buried in Hollywood cemetery Hollywood Forever Cemetery on may 26, 2017. The ceremony was attended by only family members and close friends of the musician, among them Hollywood actor Brad pitt.
We will remind that last week the actor was seen with two children of the deceased born in marriage with Vicki Cornell, in the Los Angeles amusement Park. The eldest daughter of a musician was not seen, probably with the same family of the deceased friend Brad was not that close.