Над пропастью во ржи: Валуев опубликовал трогательное фото

42-year-old boxer Nikolai Valuev has pleased his followers on the microblog incredibly beautiful photo on the background of nature.

No girl can resist a photoshoot in a field of rye. Photos of ears are incredibly beautiful and romantic, but still, as a rule, gaining thousands of likes and compliments in Instagram… And imagine the frame in the rye with the most powerful man in our country Nikolai Valuev? Surprisingly, boxer has pleased fans of just such a publication!

In the photo of the boxer posing in the rye and looks very pensive.

“The bread is already ready for harvest. On the days housekeeping. In some areas of the Bryansk already in full swing harvesting,” wrote Nikolai Valuev.

Only the subscribers of his microblog did not pay attention to the review and began to discuss the beauty of Russian nature and, of course, of Valuev.

“Photo just superninja and this with your brutality! Super!”, “And the bread is super! And the sky is super! And setting super!”, “You are a giant! Mighty the! On a photo like this of all people ears almost to her neck,” – commented on the post Internet users.

It is worth noting that earlier Nikolay Valuev upload videos during harvest in the Bryansk region to the songs and dancing of women in Russian folk costumes. “Holiday “field Day” was launched in the Bryansk region”, – he signed then publication.

Holiday “field Day “was launched in the Bryansk region

Video posted by Nikolai Valuev (@nickvaluev) Jul 14 2016 2:42 PDT

We, in turn, the tag #rye and #nagpapatuloy chose the most beautiful pictures in the rye field of the Internet users. See the gallery!

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