Актеры из «Игры престолов» оторвались в ночных клубах Питера

Walked good guys, but the mystery of the new season has not opened even after a sleepless night and a good portion of alcohol.

In St. Petersburg, the stars of the popular series – actors Daniel Portman and Ian white visited last weekend. Recall that in the “Game of thrones”, Daniel plays a fearless and savvy squire Podrick Payne, and Ian white plays three roles: a White Walker, ser Gregor Clegane and wild giant Woon the Woon.

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Both actors were guests of honor of the St. Petersburg festival of Comic Con: two days, Saturday and Sunday, the stars of “Game of thrones” chatted with fans, signed autographs and did the coveted selfie.

But the visitors started with a good spree just arrived in the Northern capital, they went to bars and night clubs of St. Petersburg. Daniel Portman even have time to try the famous Russian vodka, but in the end said that he was dearer of whiskey.

“I’m a Scot, and we’re all drinking whiskey, – said the actor. – With friends we spent the night in bars and clubs with hot names – that was fun. And then we woke up at 4 am went for a walk around the centre to look at the city.”

All this did not prevent the stars to appear at the festival on time. However, fans of the actors still a bit disappointing. The fact that the organizers of the festival strictly forbidden to the public to ask them about the content of future episodes. And the stars themselves were in no hurry to be Frank. And it’s not even in the contract: it seems that working in “Game of thrones” actors is not a joke I’m afraid George RR Martin, author of a cycle of novels “a Song of Ice and fire”, which take the series.

“I never met Martin, the artist said the role of Podrick Payne Daniel Portman. It’s sort of creepy to see him, he would say no and then he’ll kill your character!”

While Daniel added that each new season is removed a year before the airing, and all actors need to adhere to a vow of silence.

And although follow this rule not all: for example, kit Harington (the performer of the role of Jon snow) broke his recently and not too for this reason repent, but guests Comic Con decided not to risk it.

“We watch TV series together with all, and each time I can’t wait to see what happened,” says Daniel Portman.

His character of Podrick he loves and believes that he succeeded this role. Of course, Payne, like all characters of the series, I want to take the place of the king of the Seven Kingdoms, but if Podrick will die, then Portman would that death overtook him a hero in a brothel!

“Testing my character very much, and it’s not necessarily some Grand battle, he’s already got a lot to learn from scratch: how to fight, how to ride a horse, but I like it,” says Portman.

By the way, communicating with the audience, the actor joked that if he was asked to play a different role in the series, it would be Cersei Lannister.

And then with the actor will not argue: prepared participants of the festival are really serious. And that you are convinced of this, our photographer made a few striking shots, reflecting the atmosphere of the St. Petersburg Comic Com. Really cool?

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