“The case of the Weinstein” was joined by Gerard Depardieu

К «делу Вайнштейна» подключился Жерар Депардье
The French actor said about the conflict with the controversial producer.

Gerard Depardieu

Photo: Instagram

Gerard Depardieu told about the conflict with the producer
Harvey Weinstein accused of numerous sexual harassment and
rape. The radio station France Inter, the famous French actor
admitted that they almost beat Hollywood businessman.

“I know Weinstein that everyone is talking about.
One day I dragged him by the hair in his office,” said Depardieu.

Gerard said that the conflict arose not on the basis of
sexual harassment, and for the money. In 1996 Depardieu was the producer
the movie “Unhook the stars” and the Weinstein offered him a very disadvantageous
the contract associated with the distribution tape. “I realized that he was going
just to Rob us,” explained the artist.