Дело об ограблении Ким Кардашьян раскрыто
Revealed gunner, has made possible the daring crime.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Fotodom.ru

After almost three months after
the attack on Kim Kardashian in Paris and the abduction of her jewelry worth about 10
millions of dollars, the police finally managed to identify and arrest criminals.
About it reported the Internet-the edition mirror.co.uk.

From the very beginning of the investigation
French guards claimed they believe that this crime
cyber criminals have helped people close to Kim, the robbery itself — the handiwork of the gang
the kidnappers of jewelry, for which they have long been hunted. And so it
turned out to be. Among those arrested were the driver of the limo carrying the star
reality show. His name has not been disclosed, we only know that he is 27 and he
always served the Kardashians, when someone from their clan came to
Paris. The driver was aware of the schedule of movements Kim and her surroundings and knew when the wife of Kanye West can be found in one room, without protection. He was aware that
bodyguard Kardashian — Pascal Duwe —
that night had left her to escort the sisters star in a night club, and
reported it to the robbers.

As for the actual criminals, just
he has been arrested 16 people of the gang who committed the robbery. Among the arrested there are two fence for stolen jewelry. Reportedly, the oldest
of the robbers is already 72 years old, and it has repeatedly
suspected in the abduction of jewelry, but previously to prove his guilt could not. Their leader, whom police calls
Mr. Pierre B, were discovered and arrested in the South of France. The Paris guards
order satisfied with the investigation of Kardashian, because he will be able
and now to reveal the past crimes of the gang and maybe even bring back part of

Itself Kardashian look
waiting until the end of this story. She still believes he will see again
at least some of her stolen jewelry. Kim especially regrets the loss of gift
her husband’s ring,
the cost of which is estimated at least $ 4 million. Moreover,
Kardashian has a reason to hope for the return of the jewels, because, as
it turned out, the diamond was marked with a microscopic sign that makes it almost impossible
its resale.