The case of a multimillion-dollar inheritance Dzhigurda has taken a new turn

Дело о многомиллионном наследстве Джигурды приняло новый поворот Svetlana Romanova commented on the recent performances of the actor. The woman explained to journalists that a final court hearing has not yet taken place. She continues to assert that the document provided Morrice, has been tampered with.

The other day at a press conference in Moscow, Nikita Dzhigurda said that he has all the papers that will allow you to obtain the inheritance of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash. Marina Anisina indirectly confirmed on Twitter that they will be the owners of several million specified in his will the godmother of their children, at the beginning of June. However, the judiciary is no information that the estate case ended in favor of celebrities. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina have decided the issue of inheritance Bratash

Sister of the late Bratash, Svetlana Romanova argues that the words Dzhigurda is a provocation. The woman told Belarusian reporters that they are still waiting for the trial.

“They gathered all their power, all their demonic ability to hold pressure. They announced that I won the case. In fact, we all are waiting for appointment of the court. The court was not, it was a provocation. At the time of mid-day may 18 court date is not assigned,” said Romanov.

According to statements of relatives of the deceased, her lawyers have all the evidence that a copy of the will was a fake. Svetlana called everything that happens at the press conference lies. Romanov is silent, what amount is left behind Lyudmila.

“My sister was a successful businessman, the money is not squandered. Was bought real estate in Moscow, the apartment in Paris. Everything that relates to cash savings, I can’t to talk about it, because I don’t know what happened after her death with documents, they’re gone. We’re going to check,” said the woman.

Speaking to reporters Dzhigurda once again claimed that Romanov was involved in the death of her sister. Svetlana herself was not in town when she was told the tragic news.

“Lyudmila was 56 years old, in that ill-fated day she tripped and hit her head, then went to the door and fell. From the impact damaged the back of the skull. And from some of the impact?.. Still have a lot of checks. When she died, I was in Minsk, but immediately flew to Moscow… Luda died 14 February 2016, the driver found her body the next day, the 15th, and then it turned out that the stolen money, the documents for the apartment, watches with diamonds…” – remembered Romanova.

Outside the court hearing, the woman did not get in touch with the popular actor. Relative Bratash told reporters of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that the allegations of the actor in its address are groundless, but she did not manage to prove his innocence.