The case for marriage: why actually broke up the perfect family drew Barrymore

Дело с браком: почему на самом деле распалась идеальная семья Дрю Бэрримор More recently, the actress thanked her husband that changed her life. And now Hollywood star and father of her daughters are preparing for divorce.

      Дело с браком: почему на самом деле распалась идеальная семья Дрю Бэрримор

      Early April found drew in the Californian town of Carmel on product fair Pebble Beach Food & Wine. The actress showed off the products of their own wineries – stood behind the counter, poured pink wine for tasting, took photos with visitors, and willingly laughed at their jokes. Looking at her, it was hard to suspect that this blossoming woman is in the process of divorce. Covering fair journalists even said the 41-year-old drew, whether she dismissed the third husband, 38-year-old critic will Kopelman, with whom she lived in wedlock three years and gave birth to two daughters.

      “Sadness and tears took place a couple of months ago, when I was not sure in its decision, said drew. – Unfortunately, we will no longer be husband and wife, but we will remain each other’s family members.”

      Two sides of the coin

      Reports of problems in the marriage of drew and will’s flashed in the media last fall. The couple had a big fight because of the desire Barrymore move his family from new York to Los Angeles so she could pursue an acting career. Will, who had hoped that his wife was done with film, protested. This actress suggested that they would be better apart. Packed up and went with children they wanted.

      “Drew got married too fast, say his friends. – He could know her only from one side: as an intelligent woman who is ready to compromise for the sake of family. Another drew – impulsive, freedom – loving will is discovered after the wedding”.

      Actually will have enough opportunities to inquire about the bride. Biography actor’s daughter, who almost didn’t go to school, but before coming of age have twice visited drug treatment clinics, is in the public domain. “Before I met will I had no idea what a family is – recognized actress in 2014. – My childhood was a disaster, I have no regrets left home at 14 years old, although all were afraid and did not know how. Didn’t even know that the products should be thrown out of the fridge if they are spoiled! I don’t regret growing up hippie and drift, you know, it shaped my personality.”

      Fateful meeting drew and will in February 2011 was not the first. Many years before they went on a few dates, and then drew found it “boring biscuit”, and he is too frivolous and eccentric. Having met again, the future spouses for some reason decided that the first impression they had been deceived.

      “They were and remained complete opposites, say friends. Will discreet, meticulous and punctual, and drew emotional, quickly tired of the routine. At the beginning of their life together approximate the role of the wife and the mistress of the house was interesting. But will couldn’t depend that it will last long.”

      Дело с браком: почему на самом деле распалась идеальная семья Дрю Бэрримор

      All the best to the children

      The first two years after the wedding, drew really could not get enough of a new life. Took the surname of her husband, began to study his religion – Judaism. Said wants to be like her perfect mother-in-law. So the first alarm bells were perceived by Hollywood in the spirit of “cute curse – is upset”. However, the symptoms of the disorder became more and more unequivocal. Drew regularly placed in social networks pictures of her daughters – four-two-olive and Frankie, but husband did not appear in the family photo chronicle from June of last year.

      “Everyone says that husband and wife should not sacrifice the relationship for the kids, said drew in an interview. But I like that our family life revolves around girls. Maybe my part is an attempt to make up for the lack of normal parents and children, but I primarily think of myself as your mother.”
      Дело с браком: почему на самом деле распалась идеальная семья Дрю Бэрримор

      Will, understandably, was not thrilled that his wife considers him a supporting character. On March 19, when they drew the last time appeared in public together for the marriage of friends, the guests noted that the couple kept cold and barely speak. But shortly before the announcement of parting drew got a new tattoo – the names of the daughters on the inside of the wrist. Given that the will did not approve of the wife’s addiction to tattoos and at the time convinced her to settle old, this act drew can be read as a recognition that no matter what compromises she’s not going back.

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