The case for marriage? Anna Semenovich shared details of the new novel

Дело к свадьбе? Анна Семенович поделилась подробностями нового романа
The singer confirmed that I had found my “the one”.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Personal life of Anna Semenovich — the secret behind seven seals. Since then, the singer defends the borders of personal life and not comment on his novels. However, the fans pestering the soloist the same questions about when she will finally marry? So she decided to be as Frank with them, and at the same time once and for all to close this topic for discussion.

Anna told that she is now in a relationship. Her choice — man of show-business, therefore, avoids the slightest publicity. “I want to tell you that I’m happy in my personal life. But it and personal to about it not to spread. I respect the desire of my men are not to be made public. My relatives are not guilty that because of my profession and I’m known. It was my choice, but not them,” said Anna. This revelation, the actress shared one of the online broadcast in social networks.

Incidentally, last winter, on the right hand Semenovich appeared in a wedding ring and the spring, the singer admitted that thinking about adopting a child. So if all goes well, Anna has all the chances to soon become not only the wife of the mysterious chosen, but also the mother of a child.